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We love to connect with and support like-minded people who are as passionate and dedicated about helping people as we are...
We are delighted to be able to introduce you to our beautiful, talented friends and associates, Independent Financial Advisor, Mary Hemingway, The Attentive Artist, Sophie Walker and Founder and CEO of Kaleidoscopic UK, advocating for Domestic Abuse survivors, Vickie Robertson.

Meet Mary

Fearless Financial Planning will help you overcome any barrier to financial success.

Award winning Independent Financial Adviser, and friend of A Positive Start CIC, Mary Hemingway, is so passionate about creating lasting positive change in the lives of her clients, she has developed a multi-disciplinary approach that is incredibly rare in Financial Services: One trusted Professional and no more guilt, shame or fear about money.

We recommend Mary's financial coaching services which can help you to identify your money habits, and turn them to your advantage.

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Meet Sophie

Sophie is a mixed media artist, using textiles, paint, print, photography and stitch. A qualified Mindful Creativity coach with a diploma in Modern Psychology and a certificate in Solution Focused Therapy, Sophie teaches Attentive Art with a series of courses and workshops designed to alleviate many of the issues that hold us back in life, to reconnect you with yourself and find your sense of purpose.

Attentive Art is just that – Intentional creative expression, listening to the inside while making art on the outside. Creativity benefits our wellbeing in so many ways. Sophie’s specialism is using it for greater understanding of ourselves. Once we can understand what is going on, then we are in a better position to make changes. It is a lighthearted and enjoyable approach to making truly life changing transformations.

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Meet Vickie

Vickie is an advocate for domestic abuse survivors (Adult & Children).

Founder & CEO of Kaleidoscopic UK, a charitable organisation of survivors for survivors of domestic abuse in ALL its forms. Based in the Thames Valley, Kaleidoscope provide support services throughout England and Wales.

Kaleidoscopic UK was founded by Vickie Robertson in January 2019 after her lived experience of childhood and adult domestic abuse. Experiencing first-hand the gaps in current support and services available, combined with a general lack of training or understanding of domestic abuse, Vickie was inspired to help others in similar situations to find the support they need by delivering a range of specialist services for all individuals in our community through Kaleidoscopic UK.

Here at A Positive Start CIC we love to connect with like-minded people across the Country who are delivering great work in their communities.
Vickie and her team at Kaleidoscopic are doing some amazing work - follow the link to their website for more information.

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