Where to Begin?

A River can only hold so much water before it overflows. When there’s too much water,  it struggles to cope and will eventually breach its banks, spilling out and tainting everything in its path. The same could be said for a person weighed down by unprocessed negative emotion.

Prolonged abuse; unresolved trauma can lead to feelings of overwhelm, like a cloud, or a wave of negative emotion that engulfs a person, dragging them under. Negative emotions such as grief, sadness, shame and fear can be incredibly painful and difficult to get a handle on. Sometimes likened by those who have experienced it to ‘razor blades’ running through the bloodstream, unresolved trauma can present in many different ways including; although not restricted to;  physical pain/illness, anger, confusion, frustration, invasive or suicidal thoughts, insomnia, restlessness, withdrawal, anxiety, panic and/or depression, fatigue and numbness.

Emotional pain makes our bodies feel heavy, sluggish, lethargic, unmotivated, even broken. It can be difficult to face up to these feelings because we often don’t know how to deal with them ourselves, and asking for help at this stage is counter-intuitive. We may have been let down or betrayed so often that we are no longer able to trust. Asking for help may not seem like an option for us, because the emotions we are struggling with tend to make us feel vulnerable, ashamed or embarrassed, cautious and fearful of being judged, blamed and left open to attack. A perfectly reasonable expectation given the circumstances, however, with the right support such expectations will hopefully prove unfounded.

Left unprocessed however, negative emotions can lead to dis-ease, which can be damaging to the mind, body and soul. They can drain our confidence and self-esteem, seeping the joy from our lives.

Trauma can be a deeply painful, devastating experience, and has been likened to a shattering of the soul. Leaving behind an empty, broken, numbness, often described as a painful void, a black hole and an overwhelming sense of worthlessness and hopelessness.

In order to fill the painful void, some people may turn to prescription medication, illegal substances, alcohol, or over indulgence of work, alcohol, food or sex. While this may bring about some instant relief, the relief is usually temporary and can create more problems than it solves, such as addiction, thus adding to the pre-existing feelings of guilt and shame, creating a vicious cycle.

How you feel matters! Life is supposed to feel good. You are supposed to feel good about yourself, your relationships and your life experience.

So many people are walking this Earth feeling less than they ought to and far from good. A shadow of the person they are destined to be. Consumed with rage and anger, lacking in confidence and low self esteem. Living on their nerves. Feeling they are worthless. Believing they are never good enough and struggling with Imposter Syndrome.

This is the impact of unresolved trauma.

Rest assured, no external substance exists that is capable of healing the soul.

Healing the soul, is a journey we must take within. It is ourselves that we are battling, and it is with ourselves that we must make our peace. We cannot escape from ourselves.

We make a commitment to ourselves – to be completely honest and open. We are ready and willing to make changes.

We commit to this journey for ourselves alone, not to please anyone else.


Think, Feel, Act

Understanding how our thoughts and internal language impacts our feelings and actions.

How I Feel About Me

Turning the spotlight inward, we explore how we think and feel about ourselves - a lesson in self reflection.

Taking Responsibility

What am I responsible for?
What might I be responsible for?
What am I NOT responsible for?
Who have I hurt?
How to make amends.

Acknowledge, Accept & Forgive

We acknowledge the pain that we have caused to self and others, acknowledging and accepting our part.
We acknowledge the pain others have caused to us, and we accept that their behaviour is theirs to own.
We accept responsibility for our own actions
We ask for forgiveness and we make amends.

Letting Go

We let go of all resentment, making room for inner peace.
We forgive ourselves letting go of the chains and pains of the past.
We begin to look forward.

Energy Healing

We discover powerful techniques through, Mindfulness & Meditation,
Diet & Exercise
Energy Healing & The Senses, to help maintain balance and inner peace.

Passion & Purpose

Having let go of the hurt, we have made room for new ways of thinking & feeling
We uncover the passion in our hearts and discover our life purpose.

Reconnecting to the Soul

Reconnecting with the soul, brings clarity & understanding. There is an awakening of consciousness. Calm & Inner peace replace torment and turmoil.
We are evolving.