Lived Experience Trauma Support


“Experience is, for me, the highest authority. The touchstone of validity is my own experience. No other person’s ideas and none of my own ideas are as authoritative as my experience. It is to experience that I must return again and again, to discover a closer approximation to truth as it is in the process of becoming in me.” – Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person, 1954

Recognizing, Coping and Overcoming Trauma and adversity caused by trauma, is our primary focus.

No one chooses’ Less Than’ for themselves – given the choice, the majority of us will choose joy over sorrow, health of illness, stability over chaos, wealth over poverty, well-being over mental illness, safety over terror, success over failure and so on. Not everyone believes they have a choice – often the impact of trauma and/or ingrained learned behaviours.

The human mind can achieve, what the human mind can believe’ – Napoleon Hill

We cannot escape trauma, it’s part of everyday life, but with the right support, we can learn to cope, overcome and even triumph over Traumatic events that have held us back and tricked us into believing that we are Not Good Enough and shouldn’t expect anything more for ourselves

As with anything in life, Trauma effects each individual differently. One person’s experience of a situation won’t be the same as another person’s experience as we all experience life differently. This is why we combine our lived experiences with an evidence-based approach.

It is important never to minimize, dismiss or underestimate other peoples experiences or suffering, based on our own experience, as doing so could further impact their traumatic experience. One person’s ability to cope with a traumatic event is no measure for anyone else.

When traumatic events occur, the brain wants to protect itself from experiencing the pain of the event. For this reason, the brain can shut off some of our feelings in order to protect us from pain. For some people, they feel as though they are disconnected or disassociated from their own bodies following traumatic experience.

Trauma can leave people feeling disconnected, broken or empty. They may struggle with feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and/or shame. People often describe feeling lost or confused, like there’s a hole or a void within them. I’d describe my own experience of trauma as a shattering of the soul, while my journey of emotional healing I describe as ‘putting together the pieces of a jigsaw, one piece at a time’.

The impact of trauma can change how people experience life. Lived Experience Practitioners we use an evidence-based approach and real ‘Life Experience’ to help people to recognize, cope and heal emotionally from trauma.


Combined, our empathic team have a wealth of experience of coping with and overcoming multiple traumatic Life Experiences and Mental Health Illnesses including:

Domestic Violence, Divorce, Abusive Relationships Cycle, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Child Sexual Abuse, Grooming Behaviours, Addiction, Attempted Suicide, Bereavement, Emotional, Physical and Psychological Abuse, Non-Fatal Strangulation, Bullying, Injustice, Family Conflict, RTC- Injury, Rape, Cancer, Narcissistic Abuse, Panic Attacks, Living in Conflict Abroad, Anxiety, Mental Health Breakdown, Personality Disorder Diagnosis, Empty Nest Syndrome, Menopause, Financial Difficulties/Poverty, Homelessness, Dealings with Social Services, Family Courts, Police & Judicial System, Stalking, Long Term Unemployment, Eating Disorder, Depression, PTSD and Loss of a child (non-bereavement).

Overcoming Trauma and Adversity is our primary focus. Few people ‘choose’ Less than for themselves – given the choice, the majority of people will choose joy over sorrow, health of illness, stability over chaos, wealth over poverty, success over failure and so on. Not everyone believes they have a choice – which is often the impact of trauma and learned behaviour.

Trauma informed and trained in the Person-Centred approach, we listen in a non-judgmental way, providing a safe space, where you can work through and make sense of your thoughts and feelings. We support and empower people to move forward and live better and healthier lives.

Our Lived Experience Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is designed to support employees of local small businesses to improve their mental health and wellbeing, while helping Employers to improve the culture towards Mental Health in the workplace.

Our Services are designed to help people to process trauma, find clarity and understanding, so they can reconnect with their inner self. Learning to accept, love and respect the person they are so that they came become the person they were born to be. Enabling them to discover the peace and joy in that has been missing from their lives.

  ‘Making Sense of Trauma’ Online Training

We have pieced together, our combined Lived Experiences, the very latest trauma research  from the likes of Peter Levine, Stephen Porges and Gabor Mate,  and the lived experiences and feedback gathered during our Peer to Peer trauma group sessions and created an easy to follow, Trauma Informed Workshop called Making Sense of Trauma.

The workshop is written and delivered by Deborah Crozier and Alison McNeil and is only be available from A Positive Start. We  will be delivering the Making Sense Webinar online from mid August 2021, followed by live Q & A sessions via Zoom (dates to be confirmed).

The cost of the training is £25.00 pp, and a certificate of attendance will be awarded upon completion. This training is Not to be missed,  Please secure your place early by registering for free below. We will send you details near the time

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