Foundations of Freedom

We all have the ability to achieve great things, but have difficulty doing so due to our own subconscious blocks we have created for ourselves. In this course we will be addressing these issues and working with methods to ensure we overcome these blocks that may hinder our progress and prevent us from accomplishing our goals

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My name is Philip James and I am a personal development coach and entrepreneur with a great knowledge of many different fields. I have studied the mind and it’s working over many years as well as the history of humanity to get the best possible understanding of how, what and who we are. With the knowledge I have gained I use it to help others to know themselves and reach their full potential.

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90 Days Perfect Planner

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning” – Thomas Edison

In a chaotic world, the key to achieve anything is to have a good plan, for the next 90 days I will help you stay accountable on the goals you set and make sure you reach them.

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