Berwickshire, Scottish Borders

We love to connect with and support other like-minded community focused projects who share our passionate and ethos for supporting people. It is with pleasure that we introduce you to an amazing project that among many things, offers Professional Counselling and Equine Assisted Personal Development. If you love horses, you’ll love this project.

Aspire and Dream

Eat Sleep Ride is a community interest company and social enterprise providing affordable therapeutic equine and countryside interactions for children, young people and their parents, guardians, and Carers in Southeast Scotland and Northumberland. Our purpose is to help, support and inspire people through the provision of experiential learning, equine based training, accreditation, certification, volunteering, work placements and employment opportunities.

We work with people living with the challenges of mental and physical ill health, drug and alcohol use, and those who are isolated, vulnerable, and facing poverty and deprivation. We are a conduit for training and accreditation, using experiential learning to help develop social and emotional competencies, providing interaction with, and connection to our community.

Eat Sleep Ride is the only organisation within a 50-mile radius to offer such an extensive range of social and professional development services.

The Eat Sleep Ride vision is for people and communities to have the opportunities to make positive, healthy, and life-enhancing decisions about their future.