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Are you and your Business Trauma Informed?

Whether your are an individual, organisation, Service or a Business, everyone benefits from being Trauma Informed.

Being trauma informed has huge ongoing benefits for you, your employees, your service-users, your customers, the environment and the wider community.

Being Trauma Informed can save you time and money by improving health and wellbeing in the workplace, reducing the likelihood that people will need to take sick leave.

Save money on the direct costs of absence. These include:

  • paying the salary of the absent employee
  • overtime incurred by other employees covering for the absent employee
  • loss of output incurred by the absent employee.

Save money on the indirect costs of absence. These include:

  • the time taken for a replacement to learn the new role and become productive
  • possible diminished services and product quality
  • loss of business, continuity and reputation
  • recruiting temporary or replacement staff
  • training and providing support to other staff.

Becoming a Trauma Informed Registered Member

To become a Trauma Informed Certified Member you will need to Register your Business, Service or Organisation for membership and complete the Trauma Informed TRUST course online.

On successful completion of the training, your company/ business will automatically be added to the Trauma Informed Members Register

You will received a certificate of achievement along with a Trauma Informed TRUST Certified Member badge to display on your website and paperwork









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