Grooming Behaviour's is the first in the

STAND a toolkit for Prevention, online courses for Instructors, Coaches and Organisations. 

This training has been developed in the face of growing recognition that  children and adults can become victims of behaviours that can lead to Manipulation, Exploitation, Abuse and Coercive Control, from others who seek to gain from their misery.

Understanding how this happens is crucial if we want to prevent it.  

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Early Intervention

The impact of grooming can be devastating, leaving victims feeling embarrassed and struggling with feelings of shame and guilt.

Being mislead by someone they trust and respect, often leads victims to feeling complicit, as though they should have known better. Often blaming and chastising themselves as a result, when they are not responsible and have nothing to feel responsible for.  

The truth is, we are not responsible for the actions of others, nor can we control how other people behave. We may try, with rules, policies and laws, but just because they are there, doesn’t mean everyone will adhere to them.

We are responsible for how we respond to the behaviour of others, and this is where STAND comes in.

STAND is an acronym for Stop, Think, Act, Never Doubt and serves as a toolkit for prevention.

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One of the biggest mistakes we make is assuming others think the same way we do