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If you think you can and if you think you can’t  you are probably right

Henry Ford

Person-centered Training

Given the choice; people very rarely choose negatively for themselves.

People don’t tend to opt for Failure over Success, Poverty over Financial Security, Unemployment over Opportunity, Abusive Relationships over Loving Relationships, or Misery over Happiness.

Rather, we find ourselves in situations that we believe we had no choice or control over. We might assume it’s just the cards life has dealt us or that a bad decision made in the past now means this is the only life we can ever hope to know! The fantastic news is – this isn’t the case.

The beliefs that we hold about ourselves, informs and shapes our lives and determines the outcomes!

It’s important to recognise that life isn’t static, it’s changing constantly.​

Many of the beliefs that we hold onto about ourselves often hold us back and prevent us from living a life we would choose.

Beliefs are only thoughts that we keep on thinking! We can change our thoughts and our beliefs at any time; transforming our whole lives for the better if that’s how we choose.

Wheel of Life.

Each segment of the APS Wheel of Life is as equally important as the next, as is maintaining a balance between them. The segments represent 6 key areas of life which are interlinked and impact on each of the other segments. The importance of creating a healthy environment that supports well-being and aids recovery is widely accepted.


A safe space to explore vulnerability, thoughts, and feelings without fear of judgement or criticism.


A supportive environment to replace unhealthy thoughts & feelings with new perspectives encouraging confidence and self-belief.


Supported opportunities to evolve and develop, aiming for sustainable personal transformation.


Work Experience & or New Skills Development & Enthusiasm