Judith Murray is a Drawing & Talking Therapist & an Associate Practitioner at A Positive Start CIC.

Drawing and Talking is an early intervention self -help therapy which is already used successfully across the UK,

helping young people (16+) with underlying emotional difficulties or who have suffered trauma in their lives and is affecting their learning and behaviour and therefore, their attainment.

Judith, 33 years an Art Teacher, is passionate about Art & Art therapy and is committed to helping young people improve their mental health, self-esteem & sense of well-being.

Drawing and Talking Therapy works by encouraging each side of the brain to work together to process difficult or painful memories by combining drawing (a right brained activity) and talking (a left brained activity). Painful emotional memories are stored in visual form in the right-hand side of the brain and can be expressed in symbolic form in a young persons drawings.

By talking about the drawing an internal acceptance process can take place enabling the person to acknowledge the experience is in the past.

Drawing and Talking gives the young person a feeling of control over events, building their confidence which leads to increased motivation and self-esteem.