Our Peer support group is run by volunteers who have lived experience of trauma and mental illness, either personally or in a caring role. Joining our group can help you to build confidence & to become more informed,


Our group provides an opportunity to share your experiences if you choose to, in a safe, supported & non-judgement setting. You will also hear about other peoples experiences, learning new coping strategies, which may help you to not feel that you are alone.

The Peer Support Group teaches how to stop ‘blaming others for our painful emotions, and how understanding ourselves and learning how to take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours is  ultimately life changing, improving our health and mental wellbeing, relationships and overall quality of life.

Who is this Intended Group for?

This group is intended to provide discussion and support to adults survivors of trauma and adverse childhood experiences. The group provides opportunity to learn and work on self while being supported by others who may share similar experiences.

Is there an Age Restriction: Yes, Aged 18+ .

How to join: Register your interest by clicking the button below and either Deborah or Alison will get back to you shortly.

Who to Contact/s: Deborah Crozier

Meet On: Thursdays

Time: 6pm – 8 pm

Venue: A Positive Start CIC, Room 227 Crown Business Centre, High Street, Hawick, TD9 9EH. T. 01450 367422

Do I need to Register?:

Yes please. Due to Covid we have a maximum capacity of 6 for the live sessions. If we receive more interest, we will aim to re-run the meeting on Zoom, time and date to be confirmed.


Due to Covid restrictions places are limited to 6 people Social distancing applies. Please wear a mask to move around the premises, if eligible.


P2P Trauma Group 1

Week 1: 08/07/21 – Triggers & Emotional Flashbacks

Week 2: 15/07/21 –  Communication & The S.T.A.N.D response

Week 3: 22/07/21 –  Setting & Accepting Boundaries

Week 4: 29/07/21 – Emotional Intelligence 

Week 5: 05/08/21 –Emotional Literacy

Week 6: 12/08/21 – Understanding Toxic, Narcissistic & Abusive Relationships

Week 7: 19/08/21 –

P2P Trauma Group 2.

Week 1: 26/08/2021


The background image on this page is of a kintsukuroi bowl.

In Japan, kintsukuroi  is an art form which means “to repair with gold.” When a ceramic pot or bowl would break, the artisan would put the pieces together again using gold or silver lacquer to create something stronger, more beautiful, then it was before. The breaking is not something to hide. It does not mean that the work of art is ruined or without value because it is different than what was planned. Kintsukuroi is a way of living that embraces every flaw and imperfection. Every crack is part of the history of the object and it becomes more beautiful, precisely because it had been broken.

People are the same way.