Physical birth, welcomes to earth,
A malleable, pliable mind!
The innate yearning,
for advancement & learning,
Ripe for either harm or kind!
Confidence or Limitation,
determines strength or navigation,
installing the routes young minds take!
Self-worth, free choice,
versus fear and no voice,
primed for self-esteem or self-hate!
If by chance its the matter,
 teachers program the latter,
Trauma becomes the destination for most!
Importing anger & pain,
Delivering fear, guilt & shame,
Responsibility placed in the hands of the host!
Battling nightly demons,
Godless souls haunted,
knowledge that the devils eyes are red!
confusion prevailing, the spirit is failing,
mind & body wracked with anguish & dread!
Alone, Lost – beyond hopelessness,
silent & still,
Protected by an invisible screen!
From a blurry, safe distance,
the dorsal vagal observer,
views reality like a distorted harrowing dream!
When everything’s broken
and Nothing has value,
when the senses are comfortably numb!
Behold – the birth of the ego,
Who summons the fighter,
demanding she heads for the Sun!
The spirit is evolving,
the journey; internal,
the ego encourages its host!
exploring new landscapes,
removing restrictions,
tuned in – more enlightened than most!
With the screensaver lifted,
The senses are primed,
Intuitive, observant, awake!
rebooted, upgraded,
enthused, motivated,
reprogrammed she re-navigates!
The truth is revealed,
the pathway to healing,
And nothing is quite as it seems,
Fear is an illusion,
in the eye of the beholder,
Sel -Belief – fuels both nightmares and dreams!
Copyright 2020 Deborah J Crozier