Who We Are

Alex Cameron

I am Alex Cameron and I have been a volunteer in A Positive Start's Community Thrift Shop since
July 2023. I have lived in Hawick for the past five years after relocating from Edinburgh

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Katrina Litttle

My name is Katrina Little, and I am a trainee CBT Counsellor with Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre on placement with A Positive Start CIC.

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Lorna Peddie

My name is Lorna Peddie. I am a lived experience practitioner (LEP) at A Positive Start CIC.
I have experience across substance use services of around 20 years.
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Liz Sneddon

I am Liz Sneddon,  local to Hawick,  I have been a Director at A Positive Start CIC since December 2019.

Coco Chanel Crozier

I am Coco Crozier, general dogs body and professional hugger at A Positive Start CIC since 2018.

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Jake Bown

I'm a full stack developer and Head of Digital Solutions at @yarringtonltd. I built the website along with numerous digital systems now in use at A Positive Start CIC. I provide ongoing IT support for the team and am editor for the Deb-On-Air, Hearts and Minds Podcast.

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Andy Crozier

I am Andy, Local to Hawick. Married to Deborah,  I've been involved as both a volunteer and a Director at A Positive start since 2017.

Christine Kyle

I am Christine, I live locally in Hawick and have been a Director at A Positive Start CIC since its inception in 2017.

Sharon Paxton


I am Sharon, an Online NLP Master Practitioner, Confidence Coach and Director at A Positive Start CIC since 2019.

As a Lived Experience Expert Practitioner myself, I came to my profession during my own journey of recovery following a difficult childhood that created adversity throughout adulthood. I was told on countless occasions from a young age that I was never going to make anything of myself.

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Deborah J Crozier

I am Deborah Crozier (Debs),  a person-centred counsellor (CFACCPH), Chartered Fellow member of the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists. The founder and project lead at A Positive Start, which I started in 2008, initially as a trauma informed training program and progressing to a CIC in Hawick in 2017. I'm passionate about learning, currently studying a part time postgraduate masters degree in contemporary drug and alcohol studies at UWS.

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