Having just learned that the love of his life had been killed in a hit and run car accident, a man sat on the hospital steps with his head in his hands, devastated and sobbing uncontrollably.

After a few minutes, he sensed someone standing close by, so peered out from between his fingers to see a small boy, around six years of age, just standing there in front of him, staring.

The little boy was wearing a newly fitted cast on his arm which was cradled in a sling, hanging around his neck.

“You okay Mr?” inquired the concerned little boy,

“Not really” replied the man, wiping the tears from his eyes “What’s happened to your arm”?

A bigger boy pushed me over – he’s broken it” sulked the little boy.

“What’s wrong with you”? the boy responded,

“There are two wolves battling inside of me right now! replied the man.

“One is filled with anger and rage – hatred, bitterness and revenge – and the other? Well, that’s just like my sweetheart – gentle and sweet; kind, compassionate, loving and caring”

“Which one will win?” asked the little boy,

“Which ever one I feed!” replied the man.

This fictional story is based on an account that I read in a book called The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer, who tells of over hearing a man speaking to his Grandchild after 9/11, the Grandfather was leading by example.

It really hits home doesn’t it! because this is so true for each of us.

We all have wolves battling away inside of us, and just like the man on the steps, we may well believe that we have every reason to be angry or bitter – to want to seek revenge for pain or hurt caused to us by others. We may feel we have every right to be frustrated, to be negative and/ or to complain.

However, the fact remains that whatever we give our attention to, whatever part of our nature we focus on and feed – that will become the most dominant part of us, and the most dominant part of us does become our lives!

We all have a choice! Granted, we may not always recognize that we have a choice – but we do always have a choice.

We cannot control other peoples behaviour, we cannot stop bad things happening – but we can choose how we respond and what we focus on, the negatives or the positives.

We can choose to retaliate when we feel hard done by, or we can choose not to return the stone and choose kindness instead – because it will always be true that whatever we feed, grows and lives within us and is reflected in our lives.

Be good to yourself and have a great weekend