Hearts & Minds Podcast

Thursday 24th March - 6.30PM


SERIES 1 – Mental Health/Lived Experience Insight

EPISODE 2 – Five Ps of Grooming

We are not shy here about having difficult conversations, and the same can be said for todays guest -Jill, who is on a mission to raise awareness on a matter close to our hearts…

A note on this weeks content

This episode carriers a trigger warning. We are discussing the subject of Grooming and there may be mention of behaviours that some people may find disturbing/triggering


  • Sexual Abuse and/or Sexual Assault
  • Manipulation
  • Gaslighting
  • Coercion

This trigger warning is not intended to exclude anyone from the conversation, rather – it is important to us that you protect your health and wellbeing and this may not be the right time for you to listen to this episode.

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Hearts & Minds Podcast

Thursday 17th March - 6.30PM

Episode 1 - Listen on Spotify (17/03/2022)

SERIES 1 - Mental Health/Lived Experience Insight
EPISODE 1: Six Ways to be Well

Can you Imagine?
The first ever 'Deb-On-Air' Hearts & Minds Podcast launches on
Thursday March 17th and we are as giddy as ruddy kippers!

In our first not to be missed episode; 'Six Ways to be Well'
host Deb Crozier chats with VIP guest
Steph Mackenzie; Health Improvement Specialist for Mental Health with NHS Borders.

Tune in for 60 minutes of lively, meaningful conversation the last Thursday in the month as we share experiences and discuss issues that impact our hearts and minds.
Planned discussions include; understanding personality disorders, surviving abuse, coping with loss and grief and so much more.

Powerful, Engaging and Emotive, our weekly podcast aims to raise awareness while providing listeners lived experience insight & information that they may not be aware of!
Offering alternative perspectives and connecting with people who may have similar experiences, while providing useful information about local services and an enjoyable experience for all!

If you have an experience that you'd like to share and are interested in taking part in our Lived Experience 'Hearts & Minds' Podcast - please get in touch.

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