June 2023

“We all have a story. A line of events that have shaped our personality, our point of view, the way we perceive the world and how we treat others. Life is full of cruelty, injustice and violence that affects everyone more or less, but if affects us and leaves its mark. Having a place of comfort, a person like my therapist offers a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

I consider myself incredibly lucky. I was raised by a loving Mom in every aspect, supportive and empathetic. Still, I got issues! Traumas evolved in anxiety, feeling that I am not good enough. I struggled with my personal demons and although on the outside I was smiling and appeared completely fine, my inside was shattered.  

I always wanted to try therapy but the stigma of ‘crazy person’ and most of all, the cost of the sessions was a barrier that I couldn’t overcome. I met my therapist for the first time in September of 2022. She had been recommended by a friend and so I instantly got in touch. It was almost like the universe was giving me a sign, a direction to go in. I really didn’t know what to expect, I was anxious & had doubts. I was on the verge of changing my life completely. Guided by unresolved childhood traumas and impulse – I was lost. 

The first session was an amazing experience. It is hard to describe but if you can imagine being stuck in a cage. A locked box with no key and no obvious way out, and then you find this person, who shows you that your cage only seems to be shut but in reality it is not only open, but has no walls so you can leave anytime you choose and decide for yourself which way you want to go. She explains that nothing is carved in stone and as long as you are with your own, personal truth you can do what you want, you can shape your reality and design your life to be truly happy. 

She guides you the way out of the darkest hole and shows you the light. 

Therapy at A Positive Start has changed my life. It has helped me to understand what matters and what is real in contrast to an illusion, that only seems to be reality but isn’t. I am so very grateful for the support and guidance received, I don’t know where I would be without it. 

My personal opinion is that everyone should at least once in their lifetime have a therapy session.
Treat it like a part of a general mental health check up, like when you go to have an eye or an hearing test, you should also check if your brain is aligned with your body. 

Its such a massive shame and huge loss that mental health conditions are marginalised and stigmatised so often. 

We all struggle and we all need to get help sometimes. The support I received from my therapist at APS; her empathy, insight and understanding, support and care makes this happen, supporting to people when they need it the most” 


July 2023

I am a 56 year old man, who – until I received excellent counselling support from A Positive Start CIC based in Hawick – suffered from the, at times, debilitating effects of anxiety and depression. At the time of my referral to the service my anxiety was so severe I was unable to work. 

For years my doctors merely prescribed medication.  All this did was mask the underlying causes of my illness.  Medication in no way solved the problem.  I needed to try a new way, apart from swallowing pills for the rest of my life, to get well, and I found it:-

The holistic approach. 

This approach, offered by A Positive Start, to aid realising a better state of mental health, worked well for me, and may do likewise for you, too.  The techniques employed to assist me reach the level of improvement I have obtained working with the A Positive Start team, such as Mindfulness, may differ somewhat to techniques you’ll receive.  The treatment is very much bespoke, in that it will be adapted to meet your specific needs. I am now back in full time employment and enjoying my life again. 

Obviously, medication works for some, but I honestly hold the opinion that this must be balanced by dealing with the whole person  –  attempting to establish the root cause or causes that have led a person to be medicated in the first place, is paramount.  And, A Positive Start excels in this approach, from my experience.

The staff at A Positive Start are well-educated in the workings of the human mind.  They are patient, caring,  eager to help, and everything is totally confidential.  I was always made to feel welcome, and appreciated as a human being, and not seen as merely a number, as some organisations consider clients to be. 

We need this organisation to expand not only here in Scotland, but to other countries of the United Kingdom – and beyond. 

I have no hesitation in recommending A Positive Start CIC to friends, family and beyond.