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Self Help

Learning about ourselves and our internal landscape; understanding how and why we think and feel the way we do, is an important step in the recovery process.  I have put together some self help techniques and exercises that have helped me on my journey and that I hope you will find them to be useful tools to help you on yours.

Remember, Emotional Healing from trauma takes time, hard work and patience. We must learn to be gentle and kind to ourselves. Become mindful of the language we use to describe ourselves when things don’t go to plan. We must learn to STAND back, and give ourselves time and space to process what’s happening to us.

‘The mastery of trauma is an heroic journey. There are times of creative brilliance, profound learning and insight, and periods of hard, tedious work. Its a process of finding ourselves a safe and a gentle way to come out of immobility” Dr. Peter Levine

I hope you will find the self help resources useful tools to help you on your journey. You can access them by registering for your free individual membership which can be found on the B2B dropdown menu

Feel free to share your experiences and to let me know what worked well for you and and what didn’t work so well for you, and maybe you’ll like to share some of your own on our website to help others.  Please email Deborah at

Thank you & Take Care of Yourself!