Where to Begin?

Think, Feel, Act

Understanding how our thoughts and internal language impacts our feelings and actions.

How I Feel About Me

We turn the spotlight inward and explore how we feel about ourselves - a lesson in self reflection

Taking Responsibility

What am I responsible for?
What might I be responsible for?
What am I NOT responsible for?

Acknowledge, Accept & Forgive

We acknowledge the pain caused to self and others that we are responsible for
We accept responsibility
We ask for forgiveness, forgive ourselves & let go

Letting Go

We learn to let go of the pain, allowing us to move forward.

Energy Healing

We learn techniques in mindfulness, meditation and energy healing to help maintain inner peace.

Passion & Purpose

Having made room to feel something other than hurt, we uncover our passion and life purpose


Reconnecting with the soul, there is an awakening of consciousness. The fog of confusion lifts, a sense inner peace. We are evolving.