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Trauma Informed TRUST- with Lived Experience Insight

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What does it mean to be Trauma Informed?

  • To have an understanding of the causes of trauma and the impact of trauma
  • To have an Increased awareness of self, and the impact our language and behaviours has on others
  • The ability to recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma in self and others
  • the ability to recognise a trauma response in self and others
  • The ability to effectively manage a trauma response in self and others in a safe, compassionate and non-judgement manner

There are enormous benefits to being a Trauma Informed Service, Business or Organisation, such as providing a healthier, happier working environment

When we feel happy and healthy, we tend to need fewer sick days and we become more productive. A symptom of trauma is a ‘lack of safety’ – when we feel unsafe, we are prone to stress and anxiety – creating a safer environment reduces the stress and anxiety.

Raising awareness improves understanding which in turn increases tolerance and makes inclusion more likely. A safer environment, is a healthier, happier more accepting environment where people are more likely to feel appreciated, valued and understood. People are more likely to settle in a place where they are happy, improving staff retention, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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Trauma Informed TRUST with lived experience insight

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